Unfortunately, my sashiko experiment was a failure. I just couldn’t get the circles to come out. There were three main problems. Firstly, I didn’t approach the circles very logically. I’d start sewing and follow the lines in a completely random way. Secondly, the sewing machine just isn’t meant for such tight circular lines. Thirdly, I’m just not very good at using the embroidery foot on my machine, so I avoided it, even though it would have been better for this project.

This photo gives you an indication of the randomness with which I stitched along the lines. It seemed to start off quite well, but by the time I’d given up it was just a mess. The canvas fabric does work extremely well for this kind of embroidery though, as it’s stiff enough to hold its shape without distorting the stitches.

So, in conclusion, the best Sashiko effect is achieved by hand-stitching in the traditional manner.