Meatballs are fantastically easy and fun to make from scratch. You only need a few ingredients to make a filling meal for four.

500g Mince meat (beef or lamb – or a mixture if you like)
1 egg
1 slice of bread (crusts cut off)
1-3tsps Medium curry powder (depending on your tastes – it’s not terribly spicy, but quite fragrant)
1tbsp Mixed herbs (you can use fresh or dried, depending on your tastes and budget – if you’re going for fresh herbs finely chopped flat leaf parsley is an excellent place to start)

1) Put the mince in a large mixing bowl. Add the curry powder and herbs, then crack the egg over the top. The egg helps to hold the meatballs together as you fry them
2) In a separate bowl soak the bread in water. Don’t leave it too long, just enough to make it a bit wet. Squeeze the water out of the bread and then put it in the mixing bowl with the meat.
3) Using a rubber spatula or wooden spoon start to mix everything together. Make sure that each of the elements get really well combined.
4) With your hands, knead the mixture a little bit more to really make sure everything is well mixed. When you are satisfied, take little clumps of the meat and roll into small balls. The balls should be no more than 5cm in diameter. My boyfriend always wants to make them really big, but if you make them too big they become difficult to fry properly in the pan. Place each meatball on a plate ready to be fried.
5) Pour a little bit of olive oil into the pan and allow it to heat up. When a haze comes off the oil the meatballs are ready to go in. Fry for 10-15 minutes until there are no pink bits and the meatballs are nicely browned.

You can serve the meatballs with spaghetti and tomato sauce or the Ikea way with gravy, potatoes and jam. Alternatively, they would make a great appetizer for party guests.